FIU Cycling Club

Sept. 2019 / Brand Refresh

In the vast landscape of athletic equipment, cycling apparel is in a class all its own. 

While functionality and comfort are at the forefront of a good pair of bibs and jersey, why do the base designs (before the visual vomit of sponsorship logos) of a lot of team kits look like shit? 

In disapproval of our past designed kits for my alma mater’s club, and a peek at other local/state university kits, I decided to develop a simple and polished brand refresh concept for FIU’s student run cycling club.

“Cycling is a beautiful sport. Bright colors from flashing leaves and green grass, sleek fabrics and delicate looking bikes sailing on pavement in wind-whisper silence. Sun-splashed glimpses with blurred peripheries. Riding a road bike is an opulent aesthetic feast for the senses.”

-Tom Demerly

Previous designed logo and kits: